For more than 20 years SMG (ex-Ricardo France) has been the cornerstone of, the biggest online marketplace in Switzerland, counting today more than 4 million registered users. is known in every Swiss home as a platform where idle and secondhand objects find new life and meaning. From classic design pieces to unique coins and stamps, to the latest electronic appliances and tractors, is the place to go. The thrill of winning an auction, the excitement of making a good deal, the satisfaction of being environmentally responsible - this is!

The technical platform of this purely Swiss product takes root in the French Riviera. Today the team Ricardo France, located in Sophia Antipolis, counts nearly 30 engineers who work hand in hand with their peers based in Zug (headquarters) and Belgrade. Despite the culturally diverse and geographically spread out teams, the company is often referred to as the “ricardo family”, where mutual support and open-mindedness are anchored in the daily business.

Continuous improvement is the heartbeat of, and change is progress. This fast-paced environment will be particularly exciting for curious and creative individuals, yearning to contribute with ideas, take on a challenge, yet be capable of resilience. With a flat hierarchy and agile work mode, it is the perfect place for team players who value cross-functional collaboration and wish to take ownership of projects.

User happiness is the ultimate mission of In the engineering culture this translates into thinking beyond the lines of code, truly caring for the product, and bringing positive energy to help build a next-generation marketplace platform.

Strong believer in learning and growth, regularly organizes hack days, workshops, trainings. Engineers get to attend tech conferences, and sometimes hack hardware together. The company dedicates part of engineering time to improving skills and innovating.